Technologies - Wide-area Mobile Duress

The SARA emergency alert system features wide-area mobile duress with fall detection, GPS tracking and two-way talk for faster emergency response.

Status Solutions has been a pioneering provider of mobile duress technology since the company's establishment in 2001. In addition to providing local or premise-based mobile duress, we also offer wide-area mobile duress so help can be summoned quickly, whether the person who needs assistance is on or off site. This cellular-based capability benefits any organization concerned with the safety and security of the people in its care and/or employ because 24-7 monitoring/alerting is available both on and off the premises. Again, "mobile duress" and "panic buttons" are common industry terms, but we prefer to think of our situational awareness framework as facilitating help and reducing panic because responses will be more timely and accurate.

"SARA on Cellular" for wide-area mobile duress

The SARA automated alerting engine powers wide-area mobile duress with GPS tracking. The solution also provides advanced fall detection and hands-free, two-way talk through a cellular-based personal help pendant that is discreet (only 2.6 x 1.6 x .75 inches), lightweight (1.7 ounces) and impact- and highly water-resistant. It can even be worn in the shower so users don't forget to put it back on.

Fall detection and hands-free, two-way talk

For those 65 and older, falls are the leading cause of injury-related death. People who are 75 and older who fall are 4 to 5 times more likely to be admitted to a long-term care facility for a year or longer. SARA on Cellular can assist in fall detection, using an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. If an individual falls or activates his or her pendant for any reason, SARA automatically alerts the predefined emergency contacts (e.g., caregiver, family member, etc.) and simultaneously establishes a voice call. Even if the user is incapacitated, alerts are still generated so help can be summoned quickly.

Applications for wide-area mobile duress

SARA on Cellular enhances personal safety and security for individuals at home, work and anywhere in between. Following are some examples of where and how wide-area mobile duress can be used:

Senior living - Provide more freedom, independence and peace of mind for seniors and/or those with certain medical conditions and their families; expand community outreach and increase revenue by offering progressive amenities via home-health programs

Home health providers - Expand service offerings, including 24-7 call center services

Schools - Enhance safety and security for students and staff, including bus drivers, especially in large, outside areas and remote locations

Courthouses and other government facilities - Provide 24-7 duress alerting for judges, attorneys and public officials, such as congressional leaders, and their staff

Construction, manufacturing and transportation - Improve safety in dangerous work environments (e.g., person-down events) and for lone workers

Additional equipment may be required to boost cellular coverage and/or location services.