Technologies - Video Paging

The SARA emergency notification system pushes live video from your security cameras to your desktop computers. Continue reading to learn more about our video paging technology.

The first few minutes of an emergency are critical in determining outcomes, so the ability to see what's happening greatly enhances situational awareness and response management. Video paging gives designated personnel "eyes" to see exactly what's happening. When an alarm is triggered - from a smoke detector to a mobile duress button or any third-party system - an alert with live video from nearby cameras will be pushed to desktops so responders can visual the triggering event. Whether the appropriate personnel are on or off site at the time, they can view unfolding events and make more informed decisions, including the best allocation of resources, to protect people and property.

Live video and more for advanced situational awareness

From fixed and mobile duress devices to motion and door sensors to an open medicine or defibrillator cabinet, there are numerous possibilities to video-enhance alarms from life safety, security and environmental monitoring systems. Security camera integration with SARA always has been possible, but personnel would have to pull up the corresponding video footage from a monitoring station in the event of an alert. With video paging, however, you give SARA and your personnel "eyes" to see what's occurring in real time to greatly enhance situational awareness. In addition to streaming live video, prerecorded videos, photos and other files, such as maps and floor plans, also can be associated with a triggering event as preprogrammed through SARA's modes and actions.

Specificity matters

Video paging adds more specificity to alerts produced through SARA. For example, a video page can include:

  • Live video from security camera(s) in the vicinity of a triggering event, as determined by SARA's Positioning System
  • Prerecorded video describing the best way to manage/respond to a triggering event
  • A photo with caption/description
  • A map/floor plan showing the nearest exits

Live video feeds require an appropriate network and IP-enabled cameras.
Only one video stream can be viewed at a time.
Other video streams and/or files can be viewed by clicking on the associated icons.Additional data streams can be viewed by clicking on the associated icons.

Video Paging - Now on SARA's eMessenger

Video paging on mobile devices has been incorporated into SARA's eMessenger, a component of SARA. With this new capability, alerts sent to mobile devices can include live video footage and maps, allowing the recipient to have eyes on the situation enabling them to make an informed decision on how to react.

SARA's eMessenger is an advanced alerting capability that extends mass notification to desktops and mobile devices, enabling emergency as well as non-emergency information to be delivered as a browser-based pop-up alert to PCs and smartphones. These pop-up alerts may contain color-coded text, audio, video footage or maps and always show up in a window regardless of application use. Pushing live video and other visuals to desktops and now mobile devices provides more intelligent alerting, which saves valuable time and ensures the appropriate response for better outcomes.