Technologies - Resident Engagement (CATIE)

Enable self-service, enhance communication, increase customer satisfaction and automate workflow.

Situational awareness
doesn't just pertain to emergency alerting; It also refers to any information an organization needs to manage and share with those it serves. Originally developed to help senior living communities better serve residents by keeping them digitally connected, our self-service solution continues to evolve to provide a unified awareness experience via online, mobile and kiosk options that improve communication, workflow and service. People want what they want, and they want it fast and accurate. Why not automate your content and services to fulfill your customers' requests with the tap of a screen?

Communication and access to information everywhere (CATIE)

Meet CATIE, the technology that will help you improve communication, workflow and overall service. Your desired functionality is programmed under an endless supply of "easy buttons" on the user interface, creating a message center, electronic bulletin board/digital signage and concierge. With our expertise in computer-telephony integration (CTI), we'll provide an enterprise solution that enables you to deliver digitized content and endless self-service options. By giving residents the ability to access information and request service at their fingertips, you'll transform the resident experience. And you'll distinguish yourself as a senior living provider that wants to enrich the lives of those in your care.

Example integrations include: 

  • Reservations
  • Point of sale
  • Property management
  • Energy management
  • Content management

Optimizing customer satisfaction, efficiency and profitability

If you want to improve communication and service while also streamlining business processes, we'll work with you to deliver a self-service solution that integrates the appropriate databases and then automates the associated workflow. Features and functionality can be customized to meet your organization's specific needs. Examples include:

  • Delivering relevant content and services to increase customer engagement and loyalty
  • Integrating key systems to automate processes for greater efficiency and lower costs
  • Helping the environment and boosting sustainability efforts by reducing printing
  • Enhancing safety and security with mass notification
  • Driving customized promotions

Increase community engagement, quality of life and satisfaction through intergenerational engagement

By identifying opportunities for youth and seniors to volunteer with one another, we are creating a society of mutual benefit where senior living communities, schools, organizations and local businesses are engaging technology to empower those who need it most. Let us help you promote a meaningful and purpose-driven life for seniors by connecting them with events, information and service opportunities in their local community.