Technologies - Mobile Dashboards

Mobile dashboards for seamless situational awareness on the go.

The world's communication infrastructure has moved from rudimentary to super-charged, with a proliferation of screens for sharing information. Of course, information is critical in the event of an emergency - detailed alerts must reach the people best qualified to respond, as well as those most likely to be affected. If a threat or deviation from normal operations occurs, both on- and off-site responders need to know about such a triggering event in real time so they can investigate, contain and remediate it. Such situational awareness is key to emergency communication and response management for any organization. Since most of us carry our own personal, wireless screens in the form of smartphones, it makes sense to use them as mobile command-and-control centers for seamless situational awareness on the go. The SARA automated alerting engine powers mobile dashboards that improve emergency communications plus workflow and collaborative care.

Wireless command and control for unfolding situations

Any smartphone can receive alerts from SARA, but turning smartphones into command-and-control centers requires the addition of mobile dashboards. With such situational awareness in the palms of users hands, they can respond to unfolding situations more quickly, initiate alerts and associated response plans more effectively, and escalate/notify others as necessary - all from one interface. Being able to make smartphones even smarter in such ways has earned SARA and its mobile dashboards recognition from both the Assisted Living Federation of America and Campus Safety magazine because of the benefit to end users.

Workflow and collaborative care

A lack of information or disruptions in its flow can endanger lives, so we initially developed mobile dashboards for use in health care environments. This complete iOS-based solution, including phone and network, includes preprogrammed dashboards that trigger the appropriate alerts along with the subsequent acknowledgements to indicate which staff or caregivers "own" those alerts. This feature improves communication and workflow among those on shift because there's no duplication of efforts or searching for each other because every alert, location and response is shown. Using this solution instead of pagers, one early adopter in senior living reduced its average response time by three minutes. The SARA mobile dashboard solution for workflow and collaborative care provides:

  • Smartphone and network connectivity
  • Preprogrammed dashboards for one-touch alerting, response and escalation
  • Embedded controls, such as contacts and help
  • Response logging for real-time and historical reports to analyze response times or other performance and compliance metrics
  • Device supervision to ensure proper and continuous operation with alerts for low battery, etc.

Universal alerting

SARA also powers a universal alerting application that works on any smartphone on any network and is therefore a very flexible and economical situational awareness solution. A basic dashboard includes such alert types as medical emergency, inclement weather, intruder and fire. Alerting and response can be enhanced through additional dashboards based on the customer environment. For example, modes and actions for a fire in an educational institution could involve roll-call/attendance dashboards that activate those specific alerting protocols. But as the name implies, the universal alerting app can be used by anyone in any organization on any device. The SARA universal alerting app includes:

  • App for download from the appropriate app store
  • Preprogrammed dashboards for one-touch alerting, response and escalation
  • Additional dashboards to further enhance alerting and response, based on customer environment
  • Embedded controls, such as contacts and help