Markets Served - Retail

Emergency alerts and monitoring system for retail storefronts, shopping centers and malls. Our automated emergency alerts integrate into your retail store alarm systems.

From independent stores to national chains, retailers are preoccupied with the realities of cyber security because of a rash of recent data breaches, not to mention general theft/shrinkage. But a safe working and shopping environment requires retailers to approach life safety, security and theft from a holistic risk management perspective, which means being able to deal with a range of emergencies - from a blown fuse to an overflowing toilet to fires and inclement weather to vandalism and violence including fights, armed robberies, active shooters and potentially terrorists. Situational awareness improves emergency alerting and response in any crisis, plus it provides opportunities to enhance customer service.

Situational awareness and response management

SARA is an automated alerting engine that integrates life safety, security and environmental controls, turning alarms from these stand-alone systems into detailed alerts for delivery to designated communication end points - from smartphones to public address systems to digital signage and any device in between. With the situational awareness SARA provides, the appropriate response can be initiated according to predefined alerting and escalation protocols to make sure managers, employees and shoppers get the information they need to respond accordingly. Alerts, including live video from integrated security cameras, can be preprogrammed to reach both on- and off-site responders as appropriate. By giving SARA "eyes" through video paging, responders can see an event as it's unfolding to better inform response and resources. Prerecorded videos, maps/floor plans and photos also can be included in video pages.

Environmental monitoring prevents loss of inventory and customer convenience

Sensors exist to monitor just about anything. When integrated with SARA, environmental monitoring for key systems is greatly enhanced. The solution can detect a sudden change or a system failure, alerting the appropriate staff to investigate, contain and/or remediate the situation. Water, humidity, heat, smoke, general air quality and temperatures for food and beverage storage all can be monitored proactively to protect valuable inventories and prevent damage or loss, not to mention customers being inconvenienced. Both onsite and cloud-based options for environmental monitoring are available, depending on your needs.

Situational awareness applications for retail environments

Examples of how SARA can be used in retail environments, such as shopping centers, malls, restaurants and 24-hour operations like gas stations and convenience stores include:

  • Emergency pull stations in parking garages, common areas or throughout a large mall
  • Fixed duress in cash-handling areas and pharmacies
  • Mobile duress buttons
  • Glass-break detectors
  • Audio sensors
  • Door/window contact alarms and integration with access control/intrusion and motion detection
  • Integration with indoor and outdoor security cameras, including those in loading docks
  • Fire panel integration
  • Cigarette busters and water bugs in restrooms
  • Temperature sensors for food storage
  • Sensors on boilers, power generators and HVAC systems
  • Smoke/gas detection
  • Inclement weather warnings
  • Evacuation notices
  • Lockdown notifications
  • Courtesy and promotional announcements