Markets Served - Manufacturing and Distribution

Emergency alert systems and situational awareness solutions are critical to manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution facilities.

Emergency alerting and response management is critical in manufacturing plants, as well as in warehouses and distribution facilities. Situational awareness increases favorable outcomes in terms of worker safety, preventing equipment failures, stopping inventory loss, and ensuring production uptime in these environments. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana is one of the customers in the manufacturing sector to realize the broad value of situational awareness, starting with mobile duress for crews in welding and storage areas.

Situational awareness and response management for worker safety and security

SARA provides integrated alarm management for all life safety, security and environmental monitoring systems to ensure that real-time, detailed alerts are delivered to designated communication end points, from smartphones to LED wallboards. With right-now awareness, key individuals, select personnel groups or an entire workforce will know what's happening within their facility so they can take appropriate action - from changing a fuse to enacting a lockdown or full evacuation. SARA also can be used to power mobile duress. For those who operate forklifts or other heavy machinery, the press of a mobile duress button - either on their person or affixed to equipment - automatically summons help. Alerts processed by SARA also include location data. This information, made possible with vector mapping, further improves emergency response because those needing help can be found more quickly. It also applies to tracking equipment.

Equipment, inventory and environmental monitoring

Sensors can be placed on numerous pieces of equipment to monitor proper operation. If there's a failure, SARA will alert the appropriate crews for immediate investigation and remediation. In addition to manufacturing equipment failures, SARA can detect changes or failures in environmental controls. This capability improves safety and also can prevent the damage or loss of valuable inventories. SARA also can integrate with inventory management systems to alert certain manufacturers or suppliers when a particular item is low.

Advanced situational awareness

Smartphones become even smarter when backed by SARA and its universal alerting application with preprogrammed mobile dashboards, enabling any stakeholder on any device on any network to respond to unfolding situations more quickly, initiate alerts and associated response plans more effectively, and escalate/notify others as necessary - all from one user interface. The SARA universal alerting app also powers wide-area mobile duress for summoning immediate help. While some companies and start-ups provide duress products, they are one-dimensional whereas mobile duress is just one application of the SARA enterprise solution. Live video from integrated security cameras also can be pushed to desktops. By giving SARA "eyes" through a capability called video paging, responders can see an event as it's unfolding to better inform response and resources. Prerecorded videos, maps/floor plans and photos also can be included in video pages.

Mass notification campaigns and services

Alerts should be delivered in real time to multiple groups via multiple channels. This sort of event-triggered mass notification provides redundancy, which is critical to life safety. Mass notification also can be campaign-triggered, meaning tailored to a specific group to improve communication on a loud industrial floor or get information to employees in a remote warehouse. SARA's modes and actions are situation agnostic, so the solution can be used to drive awareness transactions about any situation deemed important to a facility. From safety messages to shift changes or inclement weather warnings, SARA ensures that important data reaches key individuals, select groups/response teams or entire population, depending on predefined alerting protocols and escalation paths. And because the telephone is still an effective means of communicating information to large numbers of constituents, SARA provides mass-dialing capabilities to landlines and mobile phones.

Situational awareness applications for manufacturing and distribution facilities

Examples of how SARA can be used in manufacturing and distribution facilities include:

  • Emergency pull stations on manufacturing/production floors
  • Mobile duress buttons for heavy-equipment operators
  • Equipment tracking
  • Equipment failure notifications
  • Monitoring levels of certain substances in manufacturing processes (e.g., ammonia)
  • Low-inventory and inventory control warnings
  • Glass-break detectors
  • Door/window contact alarms and integration with access control/intrusion and motion detection
  • Integration with indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • Fire panel integration
  • Cigarette busters
  • Water bugs
  • Sensors on eyewash stations
  • Temperature sensors in server rooms and cafeteria food stores
  • Sensors on boilers, power generators and HVAC systems
  • Smoke/gas detection
  • Inclement weather warnings
  • Evacuation notices
  • Lockdown notifications
  • General announcements and reminders or schedule changes