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Effective risk management strategies and situational awareness solutions are critically important to the hospitality industry.

As a hospitality provider, your main concerns are guest safety and satisfaction. Whether staying with you on business or for pleasure, guests must experience your property and brand in a way that makes them feel safe, comfortable and at home away from home - so much so that they want to return. The hospitality industry depends on hospitality with human-to-human interaction being key to guest satisfaction, but that doesn't mean there's no room for technology. In fact, situational awareness helps hospitality providers improve both risk management and the guest experience, blending the best in safety with the best of service through automation. The same applies to conference centers and entertainment venues, such as arenas and concert halls, where patron safety and service also are key.

Situational awareness and response management

Technology can be used in hospitality settings to improve both safety and service, protecting people, property and convenience/comfort. SARA is an automated alerting engine that integrates life safety, security and environmental controls, turning alarms from these stand-alone systems into detailed alerts for delivery to virtually any communication device. With the situational awareness SARA provides, the appropriate response can be initiated according to predefined alerting and escalation protocols to ensure staff and patrons get the information they need in the event of an emergency (e.g., fire) or operational disruption (e.g., spa temperature out of set range). Because of our expertise in computer telephony integration (CTI), we can control any screen and use it to deliver the desired content and services - from emergency alerting and response management to self-service.

Mobile duress for lone workers and VIPs

Mobile duress is a key situational awareness application for hospitality settings. For example, staff responsible for cash handling within a hotel, casino or entertainment venue can be equipped with mobile duress pendants to increase safety and security. Lone workers also can use mobile duress buttons to summon immediate help. West 57th Street by Hilton Club, among some other large New York City hotels, is using SARA to enhance life safety for engineering, housekeeping and security personnel. If a pendant is activated, alerts automatically go to the security team on duty as well as the director of engineering. Alerts include the pendant ID and location data made possible by SARA's Positioning System, a built-in vector mapping capability that helps responders find the source of an alarm more quickly. If required, alerts are escalated via phone calls and emails, including to the general manager. Mobile duress buttons also can be given to celebrities and other high-profile guests.

Advanced situational awareness

Mobility and situational awareness go hand in hand, thanks to SARA and its universal alerting application with preprogrammed mobile dashboards for smartphones. Most hotel employees are lone workers constantly on the move, so smartphones with the SARA universal alerting app enables them to respond to unfolding situations more quickly, initiate alerts and associated response plans more effectively, and escalate/notify others as necessary - all from one user interface. The SARA universal alerting app also powers wide-area mobile duress for summoning immediate help. And live video from integrated security cameras also can be pushed to smartphones and desktops. By giving SARA "eyes" through a capability called video paging, responders can see an event as it's unfolding to better inform response and resources. Prerecorded videos, maps/floor plans and photos also can be included in video pages.

Mass notification campaigns and services

Alerts should be delivered in real time to multiple groups via multiple channels. This sort of event-triggered mass notification provides redundancy, which is critical to life safety. However, mass notification also can be campaign-triggered, meaning tailored to a specific group, as well as on-demand, meaning as necessary. SARA's modes and actions are situation agnostic, so the solution can be used to drive awareness transactions in regard to any situation deemed important, including general announcements and reminders. And because the telephone is still an effective means of communicating information, especially for organizations that need to contact large numbers of constituents, SARA provides mass-dialing capabilities to landlines and mobile phones. For example, a hotel/resort can use mass dialing for safety and security alerts, schedule changes/delays or guest service announcements and promotions.

Situational awareness applications in hospitality environments

Examples of specific SARA applications in hospitality settings include:

  • Fixed duress at registration/check-in
  • Mobile duress for lone workers and employees who handle cash
  • Fire panel integration
  • Door/window contact alarms and integration with access control/intrusion and motion detection
  • Indoor and outdoor security camera integration
  • Glass-break detectors
  • Audio sensors (e.g., gunshots)
  • Temperature monitoring (e.g., refrigerators/freezers and saunas/whirlpools)
  • Operational status of generators, boilers, HVAC systems, water heaters, whirlpools, saunas, etc.
  • Presence of water/humidity, smoke, hazardous substances, etc.
  • Cigarette busters and water bugs in restrooms
  • Inclement weather warnings
  • Evacuation notices
  • Lockdown notifications
  • General announcements, reminders, promotions

Guest self-service and experience control

Meals, activities, surveys, maintenance, lighting and check-out are just a few of the functions that can be integrated and streamlined to improve communication, workflow and service. From ordering room service to making spa appointments, our self-service solution gives patrons more control over their stays while owner-operators make service delivery more efficient. Service requests are delivered to the appropriate departments in real time so transactions can be opened, tracked and closed with greater efficiency/accuracy yet at lower cost. 

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