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Learn how our situational awareness solutions can protect your people and government facilities from unforeseen threats or violence.

Public safety is the top priority for courthouses, municipalities and government facilities that serve "we the people" and also includes agency officials and employees. One of Status Solutions' first customers was a courthouse that wanted to enhance life safety and security for judges in the courtroom, their offices and across the larger judicial complex, including parking garages. A combination of fixed and mobile duress buttons powered by SARA were implemented so immediate help could be summoned, setting in motion real-time alerts to the appropriate responders. We've also worked with a number of municipalities to automate notifications across departments to improve communication, workflow and therefore emergency management. The integration/interoperability of alarm and communication systems made possible by SARA ensures that key individuals, select groups/response teams (e.g., SWAT, HAZMAT, etc.) or entire populations within a single facility or across an entire district know what the situation is, where it's occurring, and what to do about it.

Situational awareness and response management

With the situational awareness the SARA automated alerting engine provides through centralized alarm monitoring, the appropriate response can be initiated according to predefined alerting and escalation protocols to ensure government officials, employees, on-and off-site responders, and the general public get the information they need to respond to an unfolding event as accurately and quickly as possible. SARA can connect all networks and devices for a unified awareness experience, including the public safety access point (PSAP) and computer-aided dispatch (CAD). Complex events are processed through one rules-based engine to produce the required real-time notifications with specific details to speed alerting and response - from inclement weather warnings to Amber alerts to evacuation orders because of a chemical spill or other incident. Such centralization greatly enhances risk management by ensuring the right information reaches the right people via the right devices so an unfolding situation can be addressed the right way. Both situational awareness and response are integrated and automated to operationalize emergency plans.

Advanced situational awareness

Smartphones become even smarter when backed by SARA and its universal alerting application with preprogrammed mobile dashboards, enabling any stakeholder on any device on any network to respond to unfolding situations more quickly, initiate alerts and associated response plans more effectively, and escalate/notify others as necessary - all from one user interface. The SARA universal alerting app also powers wide-area mobile duress for summoning immediate help. While some companies and start-ups provide duress products, they are one-dimensional whereas mobile duress is just one application of the SARA enterprise solution. Live video from integrated security cameras also can be pushed to smartphones and desktops. By giving SARA "eyes" through a capability called video paging, responders can see an event as it's unfolding to better inform response and resources. Prerecorded videos, maps/floor plans and photos also can be included in video pages.

Mass notification campaigns and services

Alerts should be delivered in real time to multiple groups via multiple channels. This sort of event-triggered mass notification provides redundancy, which is critical to life safety. However, mass notification also can be campaign-triggered, meaning tailored to a specific group, as well as on-demand, meaning as necessary. SARA's modes and actions are situation agnostic, so the solution can be used to drive awareness transactions in regard to any situation deemed important, including general announcements and reminders. And because the telephone is still an effective means of communicating information, especially for organizations that need to contact large numbers of constituents, SARA provides mass-dialing capabilities to landlines and mobile phones. For example, a government agency or school can use mass dialing to announce inclement weather warnings, school closings, bus delays, schedule changes, etc.

Situational awareness applications for courthouses, municipalities and government facilities

Examples of how SARA can be used in these environments where public safety is paramount:

  • Emergency pull stations in parking garages, common areas or throughout a wide-area, multi-building campus
  • Fixed duress buttons in administrative offices and cash-handling areas
  • Mobile duress pendants for judges, public officials and staff both on and off premises
  • Integration with PSAP and CAD to enhance automated dispatch
  • Glass-break detectors
  • Audio sensors (e.g., gunshots)
  • Door/window contact alarms and integration with access control/intrusion and motion detection
  • Integration with indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • Fire panel integration
  • Cigarette busters and water bugs in restrooms
  • Temperature sensors in server rooms and cafeteria food stores
  • Sensors on boilers, power generators and HVAC systems
  • Smoke/gas detection
  • Inclement weather warnings
  • Lockdown notifications
  • Evacuation notices
  • Delays, schedule changes and other operational announcements
  • General announcements and reminders

Public K-12 schools and colleges/universities also fall under municipalities/government facilities and can use SARA in many of the above ways to improve life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification.

Status Solutions has been awarded a GSA Schedule 84.