Analytics (MIMI)

MIMI (Merging Information into Meaningful Insights) incorporates all health and wellness data within our solution suite and presents it on a data analytics dashboard, providing the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

MIMI's dashboard approach analyzes health information and other data collected over time to enable staff and family members to have meaningful insight into a resident's overall wellbeing. With this information, you can deliver proactive care and early intervention to avoid crises across the continuum of care - from acute care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities to senior living communities or within their own homes. MIMI enables seniors' health and safety to be better managed while allowing them to maintain a sense of independence.

Facility and family member dashboards will aggregate all data available through the Status Solutions' suite of current and future solutions and analyze that data to draw out meaningful insights as they relate to each user.

Dashboards will provide a platform for family members to more easily interact and see what their loved one is doing, facility administrators will be armed with information to provide more efficient and effective care, residents will be able to access these dashboards on their personal technology to supplement their in room portal CATIE usage.

The MIMI solution provides:

  • Enhanced quality of life for seniors no matter where they live
  • Peace of mind for users and their loved ones
  • Ability for community staff to easily determine overall wellness
  • Predict outcomes based on data across compiled across multiple sources