About Us

Ignorance vs. awareness, can your organization win this race?

Knowing what's going on around you and using that information to avoid loss is the goal of situational awareness. At Status Solutions, this is our cause, not just a product category, not just a software application, not just a job - but our contribution to society. We help organizations - from health-care companies and schools to hotels and manufacturing facilities - get strategic about risk management to prevent loss of life, property, business and convenience. We couldn't be more serious about defeating ignorance-based loss, and our dedication to this mission is what differentiates us.

Why do we do this? Because RIGHT NOW matters most.

Ignorance isn't bliss; it's dangerous. There's no time to waste when people and property could be in danger. But if customers can read, hear and see what's happening around them - from a blown fuse to a medical emergency to an armed intruder - they can do something about it. From the mundane to the extreme, situational awareness creates time to respond, and that's critical for life safety as well as keeping business operations running smoothly. Real-time and historical reports enable you to analyze response times and protocols to identify problems for the betterment of your organization and those you serve and employ.

How do we do it? With customized solutions.

We approach each customer engagement on a case-by-case basis, and based on thorough discovery, to deliver a customized solution for maximum performance and minimal maintenance. We're experts in computer-telephony integration (CTI), so we make all kinds of networks, sensors and communication devices work together. Our technologies harness triggering events - alarms - and turn them into awareness transactions - alerts with specific details about an unfolding situation sent to the people who need to know, based on each customer's protocols and escalation paths. With a single alerting platform, SARA, you can control all of your alarm and communication systems from a central point to improve life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification.

At Status Solutions, we're committed to ...

  • Helping every customer achieve the desired outcomes
  • Keeping people and "stuff" safe with right-now awareness
  • Innovating with technology that meets societal needs
  • Developing and encouraging employees so they can champion our cause and help us accomplish all of the above

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